Clean freak


The first secret to living minimally sans "stuff" is to purge your spaces.  That's right- every stubborn nook, corner, closet, gap behind your sofa, space underneath the bed and that persistent junk drawer in the kitchen.  Start with the smallest room (in my case, the bathroom) and tackle all the storage/hoarding spots.  Give each room at least a day to complete.  

Bathroom day for me involved organizing the medicine cabinet, throwing away all the ugly packaged product and replacing it with vintage glass aromatherapy jars and clear bottles from ikea.  If it didn't fit in the cabinet, or was something I wouldn't want guests to see (because we all are guilty of peeking), I organized and stored the products in vintage locker baskets in my linen closet.  

Most of what I was holding onto I didn't use or was well past it's expiration date.  This caused me to create a list of the products I actually use on the regular and devote myself to sticking to those products only.  No curious testing of something I saw in a commercial or found on sale on an aisle end cap.  Sticking with classics is key to living clean and minimal.  Plus it makes shopping so much faster and painless.  


1) purge

2) replace or toss

3) make product list

4) add something pretty- like a vintage bottle holding plant life, or a yummy smelling candle (label removed)

5) photograph your new space to remind yourself how good it feels to let go